Friday, March 6

Emily's Oz from Xfinity

We all got so caught up in the awards, and the fashions, and the acceptance speeches, and Lady Gaga, that we kinda sorta missed a hidden gem from this year's Oscars. Sure there were lots of good brand activity too, from many of the usual suspects in the automotive, beauty, and beverage categories. But there was one brand that gave us a wow, and I'm not going to let too much more time go by before I give it a shout out.


In a nutshell, the brand showcased its new technology that allows those with vision impairment to still watch movies. It's sheer brilliance...told through the eyes of a little girl named Emily watching the classic Wizard of Oz.

Give a look:

Very cool technology that will really make a difference in people's lives. Not something you'd necessarily expect from Xfinity, giving us a new take on the brand as a result.

What's your experience? JIM.


  1. Seeing the brand through Emily's eyes was quite effective. When people remember something and talk about it, that's an example of great branding.

  2. Exactly! Thanks for reading! JIM