Thursday, March 5


An interesting new brand hit the market, and hit my radar for a few reasons...Fabletics.

Celebrity Co-Founder. Following a recent trend in celebrity-owned businesses, Kate Hudson started this brand a few months ago.

Yoga Wear. The only thing hotter than yoga pants right now is hot yoga. I've tried it, and it is indeed hot.

Online Retailing. The merchandise is only available online, just the way the millennials like it.

Low Price of Entry. It doesn't cost much to dig into the brand, so the risk of trial is minimal. Also something that millennials like. And boomers too, I might add. And Gen Xers...all of us.

Monthly Subscription. Once you sign up, you get a package once a month pre-selected for you...fulfilling the thrill of a surprise every month.

Online Influencers. Bloggers (vloggers) are promoting it heavily, or so they say.

I single this brand out not because in and of itself it's so special (no offense), but it is indicative of a growing trend of online brands making their way through the fashion industry with a new business model. Worthy of note.

What's your experience? JIM.

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