Monday, March 30

Taco Bell on Breakfast

I love when a brand has a goal...and I love it even more when you can clearly see that goal.

Taco Bell clearly has a goal to take on breakfast, and it clearly has its sights set on McDonald's. It certainly appears that McDonald's dominates fast food breakfast and it certainly appears that Taco Bell wants a piece of the, well, breakfast sandwich.

And the brand is going for it!

It's not a new goal, we've seen a lot of activity in this regard from the brand. But its latest campaign seems to be taking it up a notch by taking a direct assault on what they consider to be the "routine" behavior of having at "routine" breakfast sandwich.

"Happiness is eating the same breakfast."

Take a look at this short film about the "Routine Republic:"

"Where are the rest of them? They're coming!"

To make it a bit more personal, Taco Bell has a corresponding website called "Breakfast Defectors." I love how they used their breakfast "wrap" symbol as a symbol of breaking routine. Of course there's a hashtag #BreakfastDefector...of course there is.

"Defect to the next generation of breakfast." Are they appealing to millennials, or to anyone who is tired of the same old breakfast?

Yes. Quite smart.

And it looks like they have a solid strategy to get influencers into the movment:

Wow. What's your experience? JIM.

PS - The ball pit killed me!

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