Thursday, April 2

Groupon's Banana Bunker

I love when people send me blog post suggestions...makes me smile every single time. And for the most part, I use them. Why wouldn't I?

Well this one I've avoided all week, mostly because, well, it's cheesy. But I've gotten so many requests to comment that I guess I can't let it pass.

The Banana Bunker from Groupon.

It puts the Play-Doh extruder to shame. My oh my.

Let's face it, sex sells. So when Groupon (who by the way offers many products for sale) decided to offer up a banana keeper (calling it a Banana Bunker) as its latest product it caught many people's eye (shall we say).

My oh my.

The best part, which has everyone talking, is that Groupon responded to every single comment about it. They engaged with the community who was having fun with it. They joined in the game, but kept their voice the entire time.

And guess what happens when a brand becomes their most popular initiative ever! My oh my.

THAT is worth writing home about.

Well done, Groupon, although I for one won't be buying one. My oh my.

What's your experience? JIM.

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