Tuesday, May 12

MTA Bans Political Ads

While is started from a place of hate, I actually like where the decision landed.

The NYC MTA (Metropolitan Transit Authority) has decided to ban all political advertising from its network. This after a long debate, probably over years, of the balance between free speech and the ability to reject offensive messaging. The latest issue being a particular offensive message that in no way shape or form could possibly be viewed. The best course of action turns out to simply ban all political forms in its entirety.

While I am normally a proponent of caveat emptor, in this case I support it. Public transportation is a public place and quite honestly we (as riders) shouldn't be forced in a closed environment to view such political and socio-political banter. There are plenty of venues for that, where we have a choice to view. The subway isn't one of them.

I support it.

And in thinking through the upcoming election season and then all of next year, it'll be a welcome relief to get on the subway and not have to read all about the constant parade of issue bashing and candidate positioning...or is that issue positioning and candidate bashing? You get the point.

What do you think? Right move? What's your experience? JIM.

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