Friday, May 22

Whistle While You Work It

It's Memorial Day weekend, the official first weekend of the summer. After a rough Northeast winter, we could use a little sunshine, flowers, and time at the beach.

Memorial Day weekend always puts a little spring in my step. No matter how rough things have been, it's a great weekend of relaxation and anticipation for summer.

I came across this little ditty from the UK that sums up the feeling...and actually is a bit of my motto for life in general. I keep my head down, I plow ahead, and I get stuff done. Or in other words, Whistle While You Work It.

I know, I've been accused of having the musical taste of a sixteen year old girl, and I embrace it.

Enjoy the weekend, and enjoy the summer. Don't let the little (or big) things get you down.

What's your experience? JIM

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