Friday, June 12

Target Takes Pride

Target just launched a new piece of advertising/video in celebration of Pride Month. It is as much breakthrough as it is inspiring.

The timing is perfect, not just because it's Pride Month...oh no it's so much bigger than that. This messaging is perfectly timed to our society's changing perceptions around individualism, acceptance, and equality. It's timed to show that the brand is right there with its consuming public.

It's also perfectly, and somewhat oddly, timed to my new book Out and About Dad, where I explore how our culture has changed, and the triumphs we can now share, through the lens of my own personal experience as a father. As I was hearing the copy of the Target commercial, I couldn't help to think that they were reading a page out of my book.

We’re not born with pride. 
We’re not born knowing where our life will lead, the obstacles we’ll face, 
the joy we’ll find, the heartbreaks we’ll feel. 
We’re not born knowing these milestones are also stepping stones in helping us find our footing 
in what we stand for and who we will stand by.
In searching for the words that help us find our voice, to be heard, to be seen, to belong, 
accepted for how we live, respected for who we love 
and what we overcome gives power and shape to what we become. 

We are not born with pride, we take pride, pride in celebrating who we were born to be.

Wow. I couldn't have written it better myself, although this is definitively the theme of my new book.

This is not at all about being gay, by the way. It's about being who we are and who we were meant to be. And being proud of that, everyday. No matter who you are.

Part of the campaign is also a line of Pride merchandise available online and in Target stores...sold in support of Pride Month and The Family Equality Council. Not going to argue with that!

Bravo, Target.

What's your experience? JIM.

PS - If you are interested, you can click here to see my book on Amazon. Appreciate it!

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