Monday, July 20

More on Tylenol #HowWeFamily

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on this amazing new campaign from Tylenol called "HowWeFamily ... creatively showing how we none of us should have to fight to be a family.

Well the brand has been continually pumping out content ever since, each piece more inspiring then the next. I wanted to pay tribute to the brand's efforts and also showcase two pieces that I find particularly meaningful.

The first is from a campaign spokesperson, Gabrielle Union:

I love how she says that she wishes people could just "be." Exactly.

The other piece of content I wanted to share is from a real life family, one that's been a family ever since the two gentlemen met only to be further solidified by the addition of their son:

I love how he spoke about "not needing permission" to be a couple or a family. Exactly.

I feel like this campaign could live on forever, because the concept of family lives on forever. I even mentioned it in an article on Huffington Post all about "perfect timing." Exactly.

I hope you are as inspired as I am! What's your experience? JIM

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