Wednesday, July 1

Similac Sisterhood

One of my clients begged me to take a look at this "viral video," so I obliged. I didn't say a word. I didn't know what to say. I had trouble framing an opinion on the spot.

Since then, I've shown it to everyone who will indulge me, and no one says a word. I don't think they know what to say.

Is it offensive? Is it funny? Does it pull you into the brand? Are the stereotypes, all of them, accurate? How does it make you feel? No one will tell me!

I will say that the portrayal of the dads bothered me a bit, particularly since they were completely left out of the "sisterhood" at the end. But I'm sensitive to all things dad if I'm going to be honest, so I'm not sure I'm being objective.

I will also say that I give the brand credit for "going there" and tackling a very sensitive topic.

Please tell me what you think, because everyone I show doesn't say a word.

What do you think ... What's your experience? JIM

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