Monday, July 27

Windex "Birds"

How many times have you seen a window so clean that birds actually fly into it?

Well that's the premise behind this new campaign from Windex, featuring two feisty birds who are fed up with windows that are too darn clean. It's fun to see how the campaign has been rolling out, with this the video that sets it all up:

Introducing the world's first smudge stick! Clever!

But then it goes on, with official word from the brand:

Clever again! And so true!

While I think there's a lot more that they could do, I do think this is a clever way of showing product performance and in some ways product superiority. Seeing a bird bang into a window is something we can all relate to, and feel bad about! I'm betting we'll see more of this campaign!

That's the lessons learned here ... showing a universal truth that we can all relate to, no matter who we are, is a great way to engage people into your brand.

What's your experience?  JIM

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