Thursday, August 20

Coca-Cola Duality

When a brand hits mega status, then they have license to explore multiple dimensions while still staying true to what they stand for. It's one of the things I love most about marketing.

Coca-Cola is a perfect example, with two examples of recent work that explores the brand's many dimensions.

One the one hand, you have a partnership they formed with Riedel to create an iconic glass. The iconic Coca-Cola glass, actually.

Coca-Cola with Riedel...the company that makes the ultimate wine glass!?! Yup.

Coca-Cola. Classic. Iconic. Coca-Cola.

Then on the flipside, you have this video directed by Dustin Lance Black of Milk fame. It's a part of the brand's campaign called True Friendship where it basically explores teen angst and teen relationships, hoping to inspire in the process. While it may sound like familiar territory, this version is oh so different.

The subtitles make it a little difficult to watch, but hang in there because it's worth it.

Coca-Cola. Current. Inspiring. Coca-Cola.

Mega-brand indeed.

Well done. On both sides of the equation.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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