Friday, August 28

Sunrise Belongs to Moderate Drinkers

This is not a new campaign from the Heineken brand, but I've just recently discovered it. It's a great example of putting your consumer's interests first, above and beyond just pushing product.

In this case, it's about drinking in moderation. Not overindulging, not binge drinking, and not getting so smashed that you can't really enjoy the night. Or the next morning.

As we always ask in marketing, "What's the end benefit?" So what's the end benefit of a great night out?


But in this case ... Sunrise Belongs To Moderate Drinkers!

Doesn't hurt to have a killer DJ featured Audrey Napoleon!

Well done, Heineken! Responsible marketing for responsible drinking, from a responsible brand.

So inspiring to see a brand rise above its product and promote a greater good.

What's your end benefit? What's your greater good? What's your experience? JIM.

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