Friday, September 18

Above Average Show

I do a lot of writing, all of the time. I write for Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and for my own blog right here.

One of the best parts about writing is reading people's reactions to it. I just love that part. It's very reassuring to see the "likes" and the "shares" and the comments; it's motivation to keep on writing.

I especially like when I'm able to spark a debate. Love that!

I recently wrote an article for Entrepreneur that did just that. It was all about how to deal with work interruptions when you are with your family.

Above Average Show picked it up and did a podcast on the very topic. While I never heard of Above Average Show before, I love what they are all about...helping large families cope with life. We could all use a little bit of that! "Large family living," as they say!

Love that!

Well the host disagreed with one of my points, and threw it out there to his audience. Love that!

Talking about these kinds of issues is what makes us all feel connected and supported, not matter what our family makeup looks like. I just love that any family of any shape, size, or flavor can now find support...just a click way.

Give a listen here, to hear the debate on Above Average Show.

What's your take? What's your experience? JIM.

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