Monday, September 14

Another Chicken Sandwich?

How many ways can you fix up a chicken sandwich?

McDonald's seems to think that there is yet another angle with its new Buttermilk Crispy Chicken Sandwich. With Chick-fil-A on its heels, it's no wonder that the fast food chain has to try something to get some news.

I find this new introduction quite fascinating because to my naked eye it really is just another chicken sandwich. Sure it's marinated in buttermilk, ok, but every sandwich has some sort of angle I would assume.

The fascinating part is all the reviews on YouTube. People are really into talking about this stuff! I should know, I know, because I'm in marketing and this is what we do for a living. But I still find it fascinating.

Reviewers are even commenting on the packaging! I love it! We know from research that reviews are very influential, and this new sandwich has had more than its fair share!

The brand also filmed a "blind" taste test by serving the new sandwiches out of an unbranded food truck. With people not knowing that the sandwich is from McDonald's, they tried it and of course loved it.

Yet another fascinating way of getting the message out that this one just might be unique.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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