Wednesday, September 30

Doritos Rainbows

In a bold move of support for LGBT youth, Doritos released a rainbow-colored version of its cool ranch flavor...Doritos Rainbows.

But there's a hitch because you can't get them on store shelves. You have to make a minimum $10 donation to "It Gets Better," an organization whose sole mission is to support gay, lesbian, and transgender youth.

The project has not been without controversy (click here), but then again I tried to buy a bag yesterday and they are all sold out (click here.)

Doritos isn't the first to display the rainbow flag in support of the community ...

... but it is the first, to my eye, to require a donation to a charity to receive an actual product ... a charity that is all about preventing teen suicide.

I'll buy a bag of chips for that. And I'll throw out a hashtag for that too #BoldAndBetter.

As for the politics of it all, I'll leave that aside.

As Doritos says, "There's Nothing Bolder Than Being Yourself."


What's your experience?  JIM

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