Sunday, September 27

Halloween Wine

I was in the grocery story yesterday, and couldn't help but notice a huge display of Halloween wine. Red wine of course.

How clever! All with labels fit for the season, perfect for bar displays and party tables.

With Halloween being one of the biggest party seasons of the year, and also one of the biggest drinking occasions as well, it would only make sense to buy themed wine for your gathering.

And it's just fun! Of course the retail store was smart enough to accompany the wine with lots of Halloween accessories to decorate the bar and party table.

Oh! There was also some Halloween-themed craft beer. While I have certainly seen "fall harvest" type varieties before, I'd never seen such fun Halloween labels and flavors. How clever!

This kind of themed-flavoring and labeling makes for great seasonal incremental sales, which from the brand's perspective makes total sense.

I have a feeling we may be seeing a lot more of this...anyone up for some Holiday Wine? New Year's Eve champagne? Valentine's Day brew? Fourth of July pints?

Will you get some? What's your experience?  JIM

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