Monday, September 28

Keurig Kold

File this under "cool as all get out" innovation for the home.

This week Keurig and Coca-Cola announced a partnership called Keurig in-house soda machine that makes individual glasses of ice cold fountain soda.

In a variety of flavors and brands, including Coca-Cola.

Truth be told, there is nothing more refreshing than a fountain soda with a ton of ice IMHO. Cans and bottles just don't compare.

Delicious fountain soda!

The fact that this company took their technology and leadership in home coffee brewing and turned it into a "soda fountain" is sheer brilliance.

Paving the way for Coca-Cola's continual leadership as well.

I want one! I want one! I want one!

I hardly ever get this excited over a home appliance! What's your experience?  JIM

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