Tuesday, October 6

Dads in Marketing (Lately)

I love watching how brands portray fathers in their advertising and promotion...marketing is a spectator sport as I say, and it's great fun observing and commenting on all of the behavior.

Plus I'm a big believer that brand marketing both reflects and inspires our popular culture. And if the following brands are any indication, then I am left feeling very optimistic and inspired.

Here are three big consumer brands who have all recently portrayed dads in a new light.

First up is Tide, with "Dad Mom," and its portrayal of the growing population of stay-at-home-dads. #SAHD.

Love the masculinity...changing gender roles don't make any of us less male or female. We are just taking care of our families!

Next up is Campbell's Soup with it's showcase of two gay dads. Made for real, real life. Indeed

And finally from Cheerios, on the other end of life's spectrum, a grandfather moving back in with his family. Tissue alert.

Welcome home, YES! Cheerios has been representing and inspiring families for years now. It's nice to see Tide embrace Dad, and it's amazing to see an American iconic brand like Campbell's embrace dads of every form.

Love it. Now go support these brands!

What's your experience?  JIM

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