Thursday, November 5

Fear: Buried Alive on A&E

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of reality television. I was there for Survivor, American Idol, and all of the Real Housewives. I get the allure.

But I'm afraid this new show may be taking the genre too far.

Fear: Buried Alive. It just recently started on the A&E network. Home of Duck Dynasty and Hoarders.

On the show, three different people are separately buried alive in coffins underground as a social experiment on television. We watch as they cope and struggle underground. Did I mention that they are in a coffin? They can feel and hear the dirt being poured on them as they get buried alive.

EW! And I don't mean Entertainment Weekly. EW!

Why on earth would that be entertaining? It almost feels like it crosses boundaries of vulnerability and voyeurism. And what brands would want to advertise on it?

I can't watch it. But I'm dying to hear what you think.

What's your experience? JIM

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