Friday, November 6

Help Me Get Home

As we start to enter the holiday season, we start to make plans to go "home." Or to bring the family home. With two adult kids away at school, the complicated schedules merely get more complicated. But we still bring everyone home.

SC Johnson (makers of Glade, Pledge, and Raid) seems to get that with their "Help Me Get Home" promotion, just in time for Thanksgiving travel. It's a simple little sweepstakes where you can win $1,000 toward your travel home.

And of course there is a little video content to enjoy and share as well. There's nothing better than seeing families reunite for the holidays ...

It's all very simple and endearing, which is what I like about it. And it's also completely in line with the positioning of the parent company. SC Johnson, a family company. As you see so many parent companies struggle with a unifying identity, SC Johnson has stuck with theirs for years. A family company. And it's never more relevant than during the holidays.

So simple, so endearing.

What's your experience? JIM

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