Monday, November 30

Reese's Peanut Butter Trees

OK, so this makes me chuckle so I just have to share.

Reese’s Peanut Butter cups is facing a bit of a “social crisis” again, due to some disappointment in its holiday “tree” cups. The brand released, again, peanut butter cups shaped like trees to help us all celebrate the holidays. They've also done hearts and pumpkins for other holidays.

The problem is that many can't see the tree amidst all the chocolate and peanut butter. In fact many are seeing something quite different. And they are posting and sharing their opinions and pictures.

Ok, so the brand is taking liberty in how it defines its trees. I understand manufacturing and branding, so I get it. The general shape is there, but perhaps not enough definition to live up to expectations.

The brand handled the situation beautifully with a thorough social media comeback called #AllTreesAreBeautiful, and by responding directly to consumer complaints with style and a sense of humor. Well done.

What I don’t necessarily understand is how the brand didn’t anticipate the upset. Especially since it has gone through this in the recent past, with the same shape issues and the same social commentary.

Or maybe it did anticipate it!

I always say that when you are in marketing, “lessons learned” is a vital part of annual brand planning. You learn from the wins and losses each year, and you reapply to the next.

We are all talking about the brand - so I guess it's working. 

What do you think? What’s your experience?

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