Friday, December 18

Butterfinger at the Super Bowl

Hello, Adele has a new album out. There's a major marketing force going on for the new Star Wars movie. And by the way, Santa Claus is coming to town.

So why on earth would be care about the Super Bowl?

Well there are a few brands that are trying to get us to care, with a few early release announcements of the intention to air campaigns during the big game. But let's be honest, if you are going to break through the clutter of what's currently going on, you're going to have to go big or you might as well go home.

Which is exactly what Butterfinger is attempting.

Just this week, the brand announced its Super Bowl presence by having a guy jump out of a plane mid-air, captured all on Periscope. As brands all rally around trying to figure out how to use the new venue, this brand comes out of the gate and shows us all how.

And then some. The best part, for me, is that they tied it all strategically to their campaign manta of #BolderThanBold. We've heard that before, to be honest, but at least the brand is being consistent in its approach as it uses new channels. We shouldn't care that it's reminiscent of Doritos, Taco Bell, Red Bull, blah blah, blah...the brand is breaking new territory with it.

Fortunately, Periscope recently added a play back feature so the content isn't immediately lost ... take a look at the announcement by clicking here.

To be clear, folks, this is just an announcement of an intent to advertise in the Super Bowl...proving that advertising in the big game is all about pre-game hype and post-game analysis. Being first with something new isn't so bad.

Who's up next? Hello!

What's your experience? JIM.

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