Wednesday, May 25

Dead Pool - Cancer Sucks

I finally got a chance to watch Dead Pool on a flight to Asia recently. Flight time is the only time I get to catch up on pop culture these days!

I'd been looking forward to seeing the movie mostly because it seemed like it was going to be different...not your typical action-adventure super-hero kinda movie. And Ryan Reynolds certainly seems to be in his sweet spot right now.

I was right.

But I had no idea how sophisticated the humor would be. Loved that part. But what struck me more than anything was the plot line around cancer, and surviving cancer, and dealing with the side effects of cancer. I didn't know any of that going in.

Cancer sucks. Almost all of us know this to be true because most of us have faced it personally either with our own bodies or those of a loved one. Cancer sucks. I've also worked on many an oncology drug/treatment in my professional life as well. Cancer sucks.

I was amazed how they treated the topic in an action-adventure super-hero movie. Not sure if it's the first time ever done, but it was done well IMHO. And it gave us another way to connect with the character and to have the movie resonate on some level to our own lives.

Even super-heroes have to deal with cancer.

Well done.

What's your experience?  JIM.

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