Thursday, June 23


Lego certainly isn't the first brand to celebrate dads...seems to be SOP for current brands to recognize that the role of dad has changed. I for one couldn't be happier as a dad and as a marketer.

As I always say, marketing both reflects and inspires pop culture. So featuring dads as they really care for their kids only helps us all. Inspiring and recognizing each other helps us all.

So while they aren't the first, I have to say Lego has done a kick-ass job of portraying dad and creating content for dad and showcasing a community of dads. It's not just a one-off, it's an entire platform. And it's very well done.

Let's start with Check it out. So inspiring and so real. Filled with video content on how dad can use Lego to create moments with the kids. And then post after post of dads who have
done just that.

And then this film inspires it all...made me smile and think back to when my kids were that age. Dads were portrayed as bumbly-fumbly fools who could only be trusted to babysit for an afternoon at best. Done are those days. Thanks to the many brands, including Lego, to prove it and to celebrate it.

Friends For Life...indeed! #LegoDad

Bravo! What's your experience?  JIM

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