Monday, June 6

Prideful Marketing

June is Pride Month with the annual "celebration" of the LGBT community. It's one of my favorite times of the year, as a person and as a marketer.

As a person, I appreciate the support and recognition especially since I come from a time when there was very little of it.

As a marketer, I appreciate the brand activity and love seeing how marketers look to connect with their audiences.

So just for fun, I'd like to pick three brands promoting "pride" that hit my radar so far this month.

Converse.  You just gotta be proud of these sole-full sneakers from a classic brand.

Target. If you've been reading the news then you know that Target has been the target of intense criticism for it's stance on LGBT rights, particularly in their stores. The organization GLAAD has been vocal in its support of Target, urging us all to #StandWithTarget. I'm there.

Last but not least, Budweiser. The brand continues the campaign it launched at the Super Bowl, bringing it right to Pride Month with a stellar shoutout for Marriage Equality.

I'm so proud to see these brands, and so many others, joining in our human rights for equality and acceptance. Bravo!

What's your experience? JIM.

PS - In honor of Pride Month, my publisher is offering signed copies of "Out and About Dad" at a special price of $19.99.  Click here to order it! When you read it you'll see why I love the month of June so much!

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