Friday, July 29

Bonobos Red and Blue Chinos

We are all dying to predict how this election year will pan out. Truth be told, we just want it over. But in the meantime, can't we figure out now what will happen then?

There are more than enough polls to go around, that's for sure. And many, truthfully, leaving us questioning the motive/agenda and don't really help us to predict the outcome.

Well, maybe this one? LOL ...

Bonobos, as in the mens fashion brand, has a new way of tracking the success of this year's candidates: by the sales of red and blue chinos. No mystery or hidden motive here. Just some good clean fashion fun, with a little color mixed in. 

The brand simply tracks the sales of red vs. blue chinos in a way to sorta kinda predict the election results, mapped out in red vs. blue states. At a minimum, we can see where we all live! Can anyone and everyone say election fashion fabulous?

Red or blue pants? Which one are you? What's it mean if I want both? What's your experience? JIM.

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