Tuesday, July 12

Magnum Ice Cream Dipping Bar

Pop-up or key-location branded food stores (or some say bars) are nothing new. I wrote about the Kellogg's Cereal Bar  in New York yesterday.

Just because they're not a new idea doesn't mean that they're not a lot of fun. And they can be quite successful at driving buzz, experimenting with new concepts, and creating consumer engagement in what is otherwise controlled by a third-party retailer or a more scripted online experience. The Nespresso Boutique grew into multiple locations so something worked there.

Last week I stumbled upon the Magnum Ice Cream Dipping Bar in Soho, New York. I'd never seen it before, so as a big ice cream fan I just had to walk in.

While at retail we are forced to choose from only a few Magnum ice cream and coating choices that have been pre-manufactured, here at the dipping bar we are totally in control. We choose ice cream, coatings, toppings...we choose the entire combination.

Fabulous. Again, not a new idea but a fun one. A working R&D lab for the brand as far as I'm concerned which is quite smart. Just like I imagine for Chobani which is just down the street and for what Kellogg's is now doing in Times Square.

More, more, more...we want more!

What's your experience? JIM

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