Tuesday, July 12


Unless you're living in a vacuum, you've heard the term FOMO at least a thousand times in the last few years...Fear of Missing Out. Oh my, what would happen if you actually stayed home while your friends went out and partied. Or went on vacation. Or joined an event. What would you miss?


While now there's a new game in town, fighting the trend of FOMO.

POMO! "POMO," you ask?

Pleasure of Missing Out. People are actually starting to want to miss out. They want to stay home, and let their friends go out and party, or go on vacation, or go to an event. They want to miss it.

It's actually a pleasure to skip it and hear about it later. What's better than hanging on the sofa and relaxing while your friends are out getting exhausted!?!

This election year I am definitely feeling POMO, at least until I show up on election day!

POMO...what's your experience? JIM.


  1. Hi Jim - I'm a Journalism student doing some research into the adoption of the 'POMO' trend across social media. I was wondering whether you would mind if I sent you across a couple of questions please? It'd be fantastic to have some input from someone such as yourself.

    Best wishes,


    1. Sure! My email address is jim@jimjosephexp.com. Looking forward to it. JIM

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