Tuesday, September 13

Babies On Board

We've all been there...we board a plane only to find out we are sitting right near a crying baby. Bringing a whole new meaning to non-stop.

I've also been on the other side of the aisle as well...I board the plane with my baby only to have him immediately start crying. Bringing a whole new meaning to non-stop.

A collective "ugh" heard all aboard.

Well there's been some social media chatter on this very topic lately, all of which has brought a smile to my face, from both sides of the aisle. Here's three examples of "babies on board" that have literally made (social media) headlines.

First up, a couple with two newborn twins handed out little "survival kits" to fellow passengers in case their girls started to cry. Brilliant...and a product idea in the making. Someone snapped a shot.

Then just recently, we had a dad sitting next to a mom who was wrestling (not literally) with her crying newborn and also trying to take care of her restless toddler. The dad swiftly offered to pick up the baby and walk her up and down the aisle, instantly soothing her. His response? "I'm a dad, and I get it." Way to go dad! Someone snapped a shot.

And perhaps my favorite brand example comes from JetBlue who for Mother's Day offered discounts to all passengers aboard one particular flight because there were so many babies crying. The offer was for every baby that cries, passengers receive a 25% discount on their next flight. Four crying babies led to free flights all aboard. JetBlue snapped a shot.

C'mon, doesn't that all bring a smile to your face, despite the painful experience? We've all been there.

What's your experience? JIM

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