Monday, September 12

Kenneth Cole Courageous Class, Fall 2016

I'm in the midst of a New York Fall Fashion Week blog post spree, and I couldn't complete my thoughts without showing the return of this campaign from Kenneth Cole.

The brand has long been known for shaking up the industry and for taking a stand on social issues. I may even be able to argue that Kenneth Cole was one of the first brands to make social statements in its marketing. While it's becoming more common now, albeit still a risk, back when Kenneth Cole started speaking out it was downright bold.

Dare I say courageous.

Which is why the current campaign is such a natural fit for the brand and a mere continuation of the voice it's already established.

For the second season in a row, Kenneth Cole is featuring a line up of very bold and courageous people who have overcome barriers to make a major difference in the world. Click here to meet them.

The Courageous Class of Fall 2016.

As the brand says, "Those determined individuals who confidently overcome life's challenges to become the inspiring role models they were meant to be.

Bravo. Now of course, they are wearing the clothes. Could you blame them?

What's your experience?  JIM

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