Friday, September 9

Tom Ford, Four Seasons, Fashion Week

Yesterday marked the start of Fashion Week in New York...always a bit of a treat for me personally because I generally have clients doing events in and around the shows which makes for a lot of fun. And a lot of marketing.

This season the "week" started the day before with a couple of high profile shows including the one from Tom Ford. I'm a big fan, and I love what he did this year.

Rather than doing a standard runway show, he created a full on party experience in the old Four Seasons restaurant that just recently closed. The space holds a lot of meaning for me and my family, so I was thrilled to see it put to good use by a brand I admire.

The models literally walked over the infamous "pool!"

The evening was classic New York in an iconic New York institution from someone who is now an industry veteran...all working to keep it fresh. Kicked off by current "it" model Gigi Hadid.

I think Tom Ford understands that yes, it's about the clothes, but when it comes to introducing them to the public then you need to make it all about the experience. It's the total experience that will generate the buzz from those in that room and those following on social media, that will drive shoppers to the racks. Which, after all, is the whole point of Fashion Week...building brand experiences that will sell clothes.

The best part is that he didn't feature next season's wears, he showed his line from Fall 2016...instantly shop-able right now. No waiting for the Spring. Hmmm, that's a logical twist.

Well done, Mr. Ford.

Oh and BTW, Tom Ford is also designing the uniforms for the restaurant that will replace the Four Seasons. And he just got off a plane from premiering his new movie at the Venice Film Festival. Proving, once again, that there are no coincidences in marketing.

What's your experience? JIM.

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