Wednesday, October 12

CoverGirl's First CoverBoy

CoverGirl joined a growing (but still short) list of brands that are breaking gender barriers (Clean &Clear and Barbie just to name two) with the announcement of its first male brand ambassador...James Charles.

James is already a star in his own right. He's a makeup artist and a mega social media success with a huge following. His use of makeup is all about "self expression," to use his own words.

The brand announced the new spokesperson via social media, with Instagram posts from a photo shoot with Katy Perry, also a CoverGirl. Evidently there will be a new campaign featuring this new CoverBoy coming soon.

This will be one to track. CoverGirl is an iconic female brand, so to see it break down societal norms is nothing short of amazing.

Well done.  What's your experience? JIM.

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