Thursday, October 13

Samsung Safety

Let's just say that Samsung is having a tough time lately. I first heard about the brand's woes on a plane...when the flight attendant said that no one could use or charge their Samsung Galaxy Note7 on board due to safety issues. I wasn't sure if it was because of terrorism or what, so I quickly did a search before we took off.

Got it, right at the top of the page...all about Samsung safety. As a marketer, I sure hope the brand had a issues/crisis plan in place to be able to manage a recall of this magnitude. It is surely a hit on the brand as consumers process their own reactions and take next steps.

As marketers, managing a brand isn't always easy. As in life, there are good times and's just all in how you manage it.

Here's another example on the flip side of the Samsung Galaxy Note7...the Samsung Safety Truck. It was created in Argentina to help reduce severe car accidents that often happen with trucks on the roads. A brilliant use of the brand's own technology to solve a bigger problem.

Here's a brand taking responsibility for its actions...having these kinds of trucks on the road pose a threat to other motorists so they are trying to do something to make the situation better. Just like they are managing the current recall on their new smartphones.

As brand marketers, we should all be thinking about how we can help solve problems in our consumers' lives, particularly when our own brand is central to it.

What's your experience? JIM.

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