Tuesday, November 1

Black Friday - It's Coming

Halloween happened literally just a minute ago, and we are already seeing messaging about Black Friday. The social feeds are coming alive with Black Friday!

Every year, Black Friday is a virtual and literal circus of deals with retails competing for attention online and off. With each retailer trying to outdo the other in terms of deeper and deeper discounts (online and off), earlier and earlier deals (online and off), and more and more hours open at brick and mortar locations. How early to open, particularly into the actual Thanksgiving holiday, has become just one of the latest games.

It's dizzying to say the least.

Last year, we saw a movement towards some retailers pulling back on the hysteria. Some stopped opening on Thanksgiving Day, and one in particular decided to stay closed on Black Friday...REI with their #OptOutside campaign.

Time will tell what happens this year, although certainly the hype has started. Will more retailers go the REI route or will more not be able to resist opening their stores earlier earlier earlier?

Here's a bit of a prediction, from a PRWeek article in which I am also quoted. I'd love to see more brands stick to who they are as a brand, and make the decision on how to handle Black Friday based on their brand equity. You're nothing as a brand if you're not consistent. We have REI as inspiration for that.

How will you show up for Black Friday? What's your experience? JIM

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