Tuesday, November 1

Chipolte Ingredients Reign

Every week in my graduate studies class at NYU, I ask the students to bring in something they observed in marketing that week. The examples they bring provide a rich buffet of marketing fodder to discuss.

One such example from the students was this "come back" video from Chipolte. Let's give credit where credit is due...the brand built its brand on content marketing that featured the essence of its business strategy: sustainable ingredients. The content marketing, over and over again, supported the business strategy and built a base of loyal consumers who bought into the concept.

But the brand has had some struggles along the way, and was forced off message for a bit. While dealing with supply chain issues, it had to put its content marketing strategy to the side.

Well Chipolte has recently come back to its roots, with a new campaign where Ingredients Reign...

...putting the brand right back on strategy. But is it enough to overcome what has become blurred messaging? Will it overshadow the noise of the business struggles that the brand has encountered?

According to my class, they aren't sure. They had envisioned a more dramatic shift from the brand to right the ship again. To which I reminded them that consistency is king when it comes to marketing. Consistency Reigns, to use the words of the brand.

Time will tell, as they say. What's your take? What's your experience? JIM

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