Wednesday, December 21

Agency Holiday Cards

Every year, virtually every agency creates a holiday card to send out to its clients and partners. And virtually every agency does them virtually now.

I guess in a way they replace the gifts we used to give to clients during the holidays, as procurement departments have taken gift-giving off the table. We used to spend hours and hours thinking through a cool gift to give our clients, one that would reflect the kind of agency we are and the kind of relationship we have with our clients. Now we spend those hours creating a holiday card instead.

Adweek did a roundup this week of a bunch of those said can click here to check them all out. It's kinda fun (for me anyway) to see the range of holiday greetings and the personalities of the agencies come shining through. Our agency, Cohn & Wolfe, made the roundup which I was also proud to see.

If you'd like to see our "card," you can also look at it here:

No matter the style of the message, I think the cards all have one thing in common...looking forward to celebrating in whatever form provides personal time to spend with family and friends. Happy Holidays to you all!

What's your experience? JIM

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