Thursday, January 26

Dunkin' Donuts on SNL

Back in the day, a rising star knew they had "arrived" when they got asked to be on The Johnny Carson Show. That's when you knew you had made it! The Johnny Carson Show was the epitome of entertainment success.

For me, the epitome of success in marketing is when a brand gets immersed in popular culture. And you know you've "arrived" when you make it to Saturday Night Live.

We've seen a lot of political commentary on SNL as of late, but don't forget that the cast tackles other aspects of our popular culture as brands and brand marketing. And let's face it, you've "made it" when SNL spoofs your brand!

Just recently the show did a mock advertisement for Dunkin' Donuts with Boston native Casey Affleck. Like Afflect, Dunkin' Donuts is a native of Boston and a staple of the culture there (and lots of other places too). I know from personal experience having lived in Boston after college and having worked with some of the DD locations in the area.

Take a look...

Getting "spoofed" is the sign of a mega-brand...a force in our culture that goes beyond the product being sold. An acknowledgement that the brand is a vital part of the culture. The epitome of marketing success, if you will.

Evidently, America Runs on Dunkin'. What's your experience? JIM


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