Wednesday, March 1

Aeromexico and Borders

This isn't a new spot, but it's worth sharing nonetheless because it's a good example of a brand taping into a current social consciousness on a topic near and dear to its heart. And to the hearts of its consumers.

Beautifully written with a very appropriate tone, IMHO.

Borders...has anything good ever come of them? Separation, limits.

'Nuff said.

Excuse me, I have a job to do. 

And I can tell you that my job (and my life) doesn't include borders.

What's your experience?  JIM


  1. It is kind of ironic; the "job they have to do" is running an airline, not producing political propaganda. This may appeal to some of their customer base, but risks alienating other customers.
    Running an airline should keep Aeromexico busy enough. Personally I don't get my social commentary from the marketing department of a Mexican airline. And now I won't have to bother them about air travel either.
    Substitutes are readily available. This is a dangerous game these brands are playing. There will be winners, but risk adjusted it is near silly.

  2. It is indeed a form of targeting...those who agree with the POV will perhaps become more loyal and those who don't will perhaps switch away. JIM