Tuesday, April 25

Burger King and Google

This is kinda sorta an update post from yesterday's commentary about McDonald's and Coca-Cola, and how the brand used "search" as a vehicle for compelling brand messaging.

This time we're talking about rival Burger King and search guru Google, and a piece of advertising that the Burger King brand created in order to interact with the viewers' Home device via Google (note the capital "H").

It's a pretty timely gameplan...to show connectivity of messaging and to use search to educate on product features. Kinda sorta like what McDonald's did with Coca-Cola.

But I'm not sure folks appreciated the Burger King version as much. Google disabled the functionality within hours, and Wikipedia had to lock the Burger King filing to stop the immediate hacking that started.

All in a day...a marketing day that is.

What's your experience? JIM.

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