Monday, April 24

McDonald's and Coke

So many people reached out to me last week to tell me about this new campaign. And yes, of course, it came up in my integrated marketing class at NYU when we talk each week about new marketing activity of interest.

This one has a lot of interest.

Why? Because it's rooted in such an urban myth actually. And it never states the brand name -- a shocker given the magnitude of this particular brand name. And it links our known search activity/obsession to this brand's messaging, using one mega brand to help another, working to drive traffic to a retail establishment...

(there are actual a few videos, but I'm just posting one) this case McDonald's. With better tasting Coke! Wow! No small fact that much of the QSR (quick service restaurant) industry profits come from beverage sales, so no small surprise that they'd use this beverage mega brand to drive traffic. With a "known" product benefit: better tasting Coca-Cola. Hmm.

It's quite brilliant, don't you agree? What's your experience? JIM.

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