Wednesday, September 6

Budweiser Cans Water for Harvey

Just like for Hurricane Katrina and Super-Crazy-Storm (can't believe it wasn't a Hurricane) Sandy, the  corporate/brand donations for Hurricane Harvey have been hugely inspiring. Estimates for Katrina and Sandy each top over $1billion, and Harvey is projected to top even that.

I'm proud to say that many a brand I know personally have gotten involved.

Wisconsin sent cheese, and many brands have been sending food, diapers, batteries, personal care items, blankets, name it. Michael Dell, as in Dell Computers of Austin, gave a reported $36million. The Red Cross says that most companies are giving money, which experts say is equally effective to help them do their work. Even the Kardashians chipped in.

While I don't want to necessarily single any one contribution out, I of course am always intrigued when a brand leads a helpful effort that fits squarely in their business. Like when Tide rolls into town with Loads of Hope to help families do their laundry. Or Duracell races in with Power Forward to help people power their electronic devices. Just like so many brands did with Katrina and Sandy.

But I hadn't heard of this one before: evidently Anheuser Busch delivered canned water to those in need due to Harvey. They actually shut their beer production lines down to fill cans with drinking water instead. They evidently do this on a regular basis to keep a stockpile.

Pretty smart. Pretty effective. Pretty darn good.

How can your brand help? What's your experience? JIM

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