Thursday, September 14

Halo Top - Eat the Ice Cream

In the brand's first attempt at "advertising," Halo Top is launching a new video called "Eat the Ice Cream."

Although the branding is minimal, I'm sure the brand is counting on the tonality to get some traction. The advertising will run during some pretty big feature film debuts this Fall, so the audience will be strong.

I'm sure the brand is looking to take sales over the top, given the fact that it's already the largest selling pint ice cream in the States. Given the low calorie count, I can see why. I sampled one myself this past weekend, although that's using "sampled" loosely. I ate the entire pint in one sitting.

Isn't that the point of pints? At 280 calories, I too can "Eat the Ice Cream!"

What's your experience? JIM

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