Sunday, September 3

Wine, Delivered

Our local liquor stores are getting a run for their money. And for those states that are state-run, even more so. There's nothing (well I'm exaggerating) worse than carrying bottles of wine home for blocks on end. I know, there are bigger issues in the world, that's for sure.

But let's fact it, the local liquor has had the advantage of convenience, esp if there's delivery involved. Until now.

First up, the Tasting Room. An online delivery service that will curate wine and send it to you every month.

And now there's Amazon Prime that now delivers wine. Prime wine, if you will. And if I understand it correctly, Amazon has taken over Whole Foods delivery too, including wine in many states.

Wow. Doesn't get any easier. No wonder no one goes to (brick and mortar) retail anymore.Which is exactly the (brand) point. Upping the game and solving unmet needs each and every time, just like every good brand should.

What's your experience? JIM

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