Sunday, October 22

LEGO - The Women of NASA

Yet another brand, thankfully, is embracing STEM careers for women. And this is yet another good one! This brand is putting it right into the heart and soul of its brand, right into the product itself.

Introducing the LEGO Women of NASA. WooHoo!

The new products are three mini NASA sets, if you will, featuring hugely successful women who have advanced NASA initiatives in the US including Sally Ride, Margaret Hamilton, Nancy Grace Roman, and Mae Jemison. Real women, real scientists, put into LEGO figures/toys!

What I love about this STEM initiative is that it puts the concept tangibly into the hands of boys' and girls' play. And that has to be effective in encouraging later career choices, with equality and diversity!

BTW, this was a crowd-sourced idea submitted into the LEGO innovation lab by a consumer! The brand takes ideas all the time and allows a voting system to determine which ones come to market. This one made it, as well it should!

LEGO has a long history of playtime open minded-ness, diversity and inclusion, and this is just the intrinsic part of their brand.

Well done. What’s your experience?

PS - STEM stands for careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics sectors. STEM!

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