Monday, October 16

Race Case

I was traveling recently with a colleague in Italy, and he snapped (with permission) this pic of a gentleman on something called a Race Case. It’s a roller bag with a scooter built in, so that not only do you not have to carry your luggage through the airport but you can also scoot through the long corridors to make your flight.

Pretty ingenious, I must say. Turns out that the gentleman was the inventor. Wow!

And it’s available via Suit Supply, a men’s clothing retailer that I also just recently discovered. Have partaken in that brand yet, but I will. I have my eye on a vest there! But I digress, here’s their sales video for Race Case:

Want one? I kinda do! What’s your experience? JIM


  1. I recently had someone pass me on the exit from the airport to the taxi stand on one - made a lot of heads turn and a lot of 'where do I get one comments'!