Tuesday, October 24

SKYY and Absolut Team Up for Marriage Equality

"It's time to put our differences aside and embrace diversity."

Two arch rivals in the spirits category came together this week to support marriage equality at a critical time in Australia.

SKYY and ABSOLUT together each jointly launched the same social media campaign in the midst of a public vote in Australia's High Court meant to measure how the public feels about Marriage Equality. These two brands are sharing their opinion to join the conversation in a positive way.

"The SKYY'S the limit when we have ABSOULT equality."


In this case, two voices is certainly better than one, especially when it ties to the voices of many. So why not join forces to put some good into the world? Why not put competition aside and join hands? Why not join in the effort ourselves?

It's not easy for competitors to support and acknowledge each other, so this campaign is a great show of pride and humility...as well as a sense of what's ultimately more important in the world.

Now this isn't the first time that either brand has gotten behind the gay community. ABSOLUT has a long history so this joint campaign comes from a supportive heritage.

And SKYY too...most recently with an interactive program called "Cheers to Equality" in Australia as well.
These brands are showing us that we can all come together on this one! Let's show them a little support of our own!

What's your experience? JIM

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