Monday, October 9

Social Media Responds to Marketing, Once Again

This week we've seen yet another brand receive swift social media reaction to their marketing efforts. Swift isn't even the word as it started in a social media minute and then created a groundswell of activity that overtook the brand messaging. 

This time it was Dove, who released a social media ad that many deemed inappropriate.

It's not the first time that this has happened to a brand, but it's becoming increasingly obvious that it won't be the last. Actually this is the new normal for us and as marketers we have to learn to be proactive and be prepared.

Be proactive: make sure you do the research you need, with your consumers, to make sure the message you intend to distribute is exactly what is likely to be received. You can never know enough about your consumer and you can never spend too much time making sure your marketing is right. Get the culture and the sentiment right, and make sure your work aligns with prevailing sentiment. Do your homework before, during, and after development of any messaging particularly if it has the potential to be sensitive.

Be prepared: as marketers, social media commentary about our brands is now a given. It's not a matter of "if" but "when." We should actually be flattered that consumers are paying such attention to our activity. So be prepared for it with a comprehensive monitoring program to catch the comments early and have a plan outlined ahead of time about what you will do when it happens. Because it will happen.

The net outcome is that you and the brand will have a better chance of staying in control of the situation and in control of the messaging delivery. As you had likely planned! And if you know your consumer and your brand well, hopefully you will stay out of crisis mode.

What's your experience? JIM

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