Sunday, November 5

Ford Creates a SafeCap in Brazil

To celebrate Ford’s 60th anniversary of offering trucks in Brazil, the company created the first ever SafeCap...a hat that helps truck drivers stay awake while driving.

The hat basically can recognize the warning signs of a driver who’s about to fall asleep... it then starts to light up, vibrate, and make sounds to alert the driver and keep him/her alert.

I’d file that under “why hasn’t anyone done this yet?!?”

But this isn’t the first innovation of this sort from Ford. Recently, Ford Spain created a baby crib that simulates the motion, sound, and light of a car ride. Now we know how babies like to fall asleep almost instantly in a this baby crib simulates that soothing sensation to be used at home to help babies fall asleep without having to take them for a ride. Classic!

True mark of a leadership brand...looking to add value beyond the core products to improve their consumers’ lives. Well done.

What’s your experience? JIM

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