Tuesday, November 28

Holiday Shopping Blitz 2017 - The Big Winners

Well the results are in from this year's holiday shopping blitz from 11/11, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday and the winners are...online sales.

No surprise. There were more online sales on Black Friday than via traditional retail. Cyber Monday was the biggest online sales day ever in the US, topping last year's figure by more than a billion dollars. And the Chinese online shopping extravaganza on 11/11 produced over $25 billion in sales in just one day. The biggest on the planet, ever.

I guess this online sales thing is going to be staying for awhile. Ha! I myself didn't step foot in a retail store over the Thanksgiving weekend, but I bought a bunch of stuff online. And I surfed the sales just like everyone else. I am human after all, with a bit of a Millennial mindset I might add.

I was surprised though to see that these tiny little toys were the big hit of the day(s) this year. Sure, electronics were right up there in record sales for sure, like Nintendo Switch and Roku, but these little marvels were the really big winners:

Yes, these small little collectible toys beat out flat screen televisions of all sizes to steal the day. Who knew?!? Well, it is holiday gift giving season after all and it is all about the kids.

Perhaps the biggest winner of them all is Jeff Bezos, who's personal worth soared past a benchmark amount that I'm not even going to type here. OK, like $100 billion! Crazy. But Amazon is nailing it these days, and he's not only the driver but also one of the key beneficiaries.

It's been a big season so far, and it's just getting started. More to come for sure.

What's your experience? JIM.

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