Monday, November 6

Matthew McConaughey Hands Out Turkeys

Let's face it...sometimes a good 'ole PR stunt is just that: a good 'ole PR stunt. And when it can do good at a good time of year, then I say go for it.

And that is exactly what Wild Turkey did when it had brand spokesperson Matthew McConaughey hand out 4,500 turkeys in the home town of Wild Turkey HQ just in time for Thanksgiving prep...and on his birthday to boot! Cheers! It's the sort of good will gesture that brought the community, the employees, and their consumers all together, with intense media following to bring the rest of the country into the story.

Let’s face it...handing out turkeys for Thanksgiving isn’t necessarily a new idea. But this one still feels fresh because it comes at a time when we could all feel a little good. For me, it brought me right back to what the holiday season is all about, and I needed to feel a little bit of that as we start this holiday season. Well done!

The best part is that this isn't just a one-off. This actor and this brand have had quite the relationship developing, including multiple marketing elements beyond just handing out turkeys. In fact, Mr. McConaughey is the brand’s Creative Director. Here's the latest creative spot:

Wonder what they’ll do together for the Christmas holiday season?

What's your experience? JIM

PS - Here's their "Creative Director" narrating the Wild Turkey brand story in a short film:

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